Providing tax planning, tax strategy, and advocacy for members of alternative communities, including sex workers, dancers, performers, kink retailers, sex-positive professionals, sex educators and LGBTQ+ individuals. 

We at DiTa are proud to work with members of alternative communities, including Adult Entertainers, Exotic Dancers, Burlesque Perfomers, Kink retailers, Sex-positive professionals, Sex educators, Tattoo artists, Drag Queen perfomers, LGBTQ+ individuals and all the way back and forth to the moon in the industry.

DiTa is an Austin TX based company with satellite offices in Miami FL and San Francisco, three of the most hippest cities in the USA.


Dr. Cendrine Chappuis

Chief Executive Officer | Founder

Cendrine is an experienced and brilliant international tax expert. She blends her international expertise and corporate experience to provide clear and honest advice for long term success.   

Cendrine has earned a MBA and Doctorate in accounting. For the past 2 decades, Cendrine has used her expertise to benefit several multinational companies, such as Tetra Pak International, PWC and HomeAway, in solving their international tax problems by setting up creative and efficient solutions. Through her career, she has been through so many acquisitions, due diligence, successful tax audits, facilitating tax compliance, working closely with several tax authorities in many different countries and international organizations to help them have a better understanding of the business needs. Before becoming an incredible tax expert, she was working as a sex phone operator and in a Champagne bar.

Cendrine is happily married to the King, Mom of 3 wonderful boys and 2 lovely Boston Terriers. She was born and raised in Switzerland, lived in some European countries before moving to Austin TX in 2016. She speaks fluently French and English. She loves Ink, Travel and Wine ; her favorite places so far are Cuba and Bali. The music has a very important place in her heart and she has a huge admiration for David Bowie and Ian Curtis. In her spare time, she likes testing her creative skills at make-up and cake design. There is no single day that can start without a coffee!

Cendrine ends up having some aversion to seeing tax-consultants providing services for smaller companies and startups at an outrageous price, by delivering inadequate and inefficient services and keep talking an incomprehensible tax jargon.  She knows the frustration and uncertainty that taxes produce for business owners and independent workers. So she decided to create DiTa Inc. to help these businesses by providing a high-level of expertise in a safe environment, She works one on one with professionals to provide clear and honest tax help. She knows how to legally minimize your tax burden while also creating healthy, clear avenues of success for years to come. Her mission is to help you build your dream company. 

Cendrine is sitting on the board of MURDER PALACE Inc., BABC Texas (British American Business Council), TRSC Inc. and the HealthStart Foundation. She is an active Expert, Judge and Mentor at Mass Challenge.


Rey Gutierrez

Chief Creative Officer | Co-Founder

For more than two decades, Rey Gutierrez played an instrumental role in the development and creation of experiences in the music, tech and video game industries.

Gutierrez began his entertainment career with “Glitter Girl” by Morrison Poe, which was featured as the theme song for Perfect Dark Zero. The music video debuted on MTV’s TRL and Xbox Gamer’s Week for the launch of the Xbox 360, playing to music and gaming fans alike in Times Square.

He also launched one of the first multi-cam video game live-streams in 2008 on [now Twitch]. This ultimately led to his role as the Head of Video at Destructoid. He garnered accolades for his contributions to the gaming industry, later spending five years developing and producing video content for gaming’s biggest name, PlayStation.

At PlayStation, his work creating definitive trailers and documentaries for PlayStation hardware, software and partnerships, still lives on. Additionally, he played a critical role in helping launch the official PlayStation Twitch Channel and the first PlayStation Daily E3 Live Stream in 2011 on Twitch and Youtube.

Following PlayStation, he heeded to the beckoning call of film-making. He became an award-winning cinematographer and his work on the feature-length horror film called Pitchfork gained him recognition at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and The Nightmare Film Festival. He secured Best Cinematography for the film at both events.

He also served as the Lead Video Artist and Operator for Patreon, the lead platform for creators.

Gutierrez is currently running an independent creative agency specializing in video marketing for gaming and music. When he's not busy creating prolific content, he's masterminding his next passion project.

Jacob Voeller Headshot.png

Jacob Voeller

Director Business Development

Originally from Seattle, Washington, he began his career in start-ups five years ago in Bozeman, Montana. He studied political science at Montana State before moving to Austin, Texas, in 2019 to work for an app start-up.

Jacob's interest in business sparked after he found great success in communicating with others. As a natural leader and networker, he learned that he could solve any problem by finding the right people. Jacob thrives on win-win scenarios and has a history of making them happen. From building a points program for a dispensary in Montana to forming a company that helps small businesses grow, he can find the right people to make any idea a reality. His goal is to become the most networked person in the world.

He expanded his network across the country by moving to Austin, Texas, to build a Start-Up. It was there he met with Ash after hiring DiTa to do the taxes for the Start-Up. They got to know each other and realized that Jacob's character and capabilities were a perfect match with DiTa's mission. 

Jacob was a season ticket holder to the Seattle Seahawks for 12 years. He is a huge fan of rich red wine and dogs, he played lacrosse in high school and has a pretty epic sock game. Jacob spent a little too much time skiing in Montana and also loves golfing in his downtime.

Jacob is working to solve financial illiteracy in the adult industry by showcasing DiTa's expertise. He uses quality communication to ignite his network and aid the prevention of improper tax services. He aims to empower individuals of the alternative industries who are at high-risk due to tax vulnerability. Jacob proudly serves independent business owners through effective communication and financial education.

Dominique Philips Headshot

Dominique Phillips


Dominique is a visionary, aiming to create a safer, more authentic world. She was born and raised in San Jose, California until age eleven, then moved across the country with her family to Panama City, Florida. After graduating high school, she pursued her degree at Troy University, graduating with her Bachelor's in Hospitality Management.

While applying for jobs post-graduation, she realized she would never feel fulfilled working for anyone but herself or have the time to create change if she continued giving all her time to her employer. She was unhappy and knew something had to be done. Two weeks later, she quit her job at a cocktail bar in Alabama and moved to Austin, Texas, to become a singer/songwriter; to then discover she enjoyed sharing her opinions more than her music.

Currently, Dominique is the creator and host of Shame Me Once podcast. She has curated a shame-free space to have difficult conversations with guests regarding shame, fear, and injustice within society, with a core focus on shame in sexuality. Her goal is to raise awareness of societal injustices while discussing potential solutions and a call to action.

She intends to empower the powerless through cultivating curiosity, self-love, and accountability, as well as create a safe space for others to feel comfortable being themselves.

Dominique plans to extend these intentions as Associate at Dita Inc. She is shamelessly vocal and proud of her promiscuous history as a sugar baby, and currently explores her boundaries on OnlyFans. She is real, and passionate about change, with no intention of stopping till justice is served, and balance is restored.




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