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As you continue to skyrocket in your career and build up more impressive assets, it can be daunting trying to manage all the finance responsibilities that come with success. That's why DiTa is here - making sure all of your hard work isn't undone by too much taxation or audit nightmares! Our aim is for you to take full advantage of deductions while gaining peace of mind and allowing yourself the space to focus on excelling even further personally. We provide smart wisdom so no stone goes unturned when estimating future liabilities as well giving guidance about meeting tax deadlines correctly and keeping records accurate.


Starting A New Business

Starting a new business is no easy feat. Make sure you have all the information to succeed! We here at DiTa understand how complex of an endeavor starting businesses can be, so we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help from start-to-finish, including giving your venture valuable tax advantages that will set it for success in those early years. Our experts are proficient with both state regulations and taxes - register today with confidence knowing DiTa has got your back!

Adult Entertainer

Are you a tantalizing entertainer working in the nightlife scene - or offering your services for private parties, phone sessions and escorting? Let DiTa guide you through all of life's complexities to make sure that both your present and future are taken care of – with excellent tax solutions!


Film Producer

Take your adult film production to the next level with DiTa! We can assist you in crafting a winning legal structure, and help you optimize your taxes so that nothing stands between you and success. Let's make those steamy movies even hotter—with DiTa by your side!


Are you ready to take your modeling career to the next level? Whether it's through webcams, magazines or online subscriptions, I'm here to help share my expertise on how you can structure things in a way that will not only benefit your finances now but even years down the line. Let’s start optimizing!



Are you ready to take your performance career further? Put yourself in the driver's seat with DiTa and together, we will work on creating a tax plan that maximizes your short-term profits while still setting up long term success! Let us help build an amazing legacy for yourself.

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Don't go into tax season unprepared - with 25 years of experience in your pocket, you can be confident and successful. 

Introduction Call

Are you curious to discover how our tax services can benefit you? Book a free introductory call with Dr. Ash Dark and get all your questions answered!

Tax Consultation

Get the answers you need to succeed in business and taxes with a personal 20-minute consultation from expert Dr. Ash Dark! Get your questions answered quickly and confidently for success down the road.

1h Tax Consultation

Struggling with complex business and tax questions? Book a one-hour session with Dr. Ash Dark for personalized insight that can help you get back on the path to success.

LLC Consultation

Is starting a business on your mind but you're still in the dark as to where it all begins? Book a consultation with Dr. Ash Dark and let great things happen!

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