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You put the time and effort into your successful career, so make sure to secure it with DiTa! We can help alleviate any potential tax stress by showing you all available deductions and providing valuable advice in order for you to take full advantage. In addition, our professional advisors will ensure that deadlines are met while keeping track of records - leaving more energy dedicated towards building on what's been achieved so far. With us working together hand-in-hand during this growth process, we'll give you a well deserved peace of mind along the way.


Starting A New Business

Starting a business is an adventure, and your tax adviser can be the key to making it faster, more efficient. With DiTa guiding you through state registration paperwork plus helping you select the most profitable and flexible choice for taxes - this should be an exciting journey! Invest in us now to make sure your early years of becoming a small-business owner run smooth as silk.


At DiTa, we'll help you reach your financial goals with an efficient business infrastructure. Maximize profits by leveraging any sources of income such as Youtube sponsorships and convention appearances – plus create additional revenue streams through calendars or prints. Earn smartly!



Are you growing your own Cannabis or Hemp? Do you have a dispensary to distribute it? We understand the complexities of Federal and State regulations controlling this business, plus there’s Section 471 as well as 280E - quite daunting! Are all these rules stopping you from taking full advantage of tax deductions or do banking issues keep cropping up? You don't need to worry. Our team has great knowledge about the intricacies that come with cannabis businesses so we can help get things back on track for efficiency.

Makeup Artist

Spark the perfect look with DiTa's professional makeup services. Our creative genius can help you create beautiful magazine looks, shoot stunning photographs, and craft a signature style for your cosmetic brand! We'll provide not just gorgeous visuals but also strategic guidance to make sure that your Makeup career is as successful as it is glamorous.



Do you want to maximize your financial success, and secure a solid legacy with the modeling career of your dreams? Let’s chat about how we can use tax optimization strategies to help make it happen!

Tattoo Artist

So, you’re a Tattoo Artist looking for the best way to manage your business and boost those tax savings. It's time we had an intelligent conversation about how to set up your shop so that it can bring in maximum benefits now—and far into the future!



25 Years of Tax Experience at Your Finger Tips

Introduction Call

Are you curious to discover how our tax services can benefit you? Book a free introductory call with Dr. Ash Dark and get all your questions answered!

Tax Consultation

Get the answers you need to succeed in business and taxes with a personal 20-minute consultation from expert Dr. Ash Dark! Get your questions answered quickly and confidently for success down the road.

1h Tax Consultation

Struggling with complex business and tax questions? Book a one-hour session with Dr. Ash Dark for personalized insight that can help you get back on the path to success.

LLC Consultation

Is starting a business on your mind but you're still in the dark as to where it all begins? Book a consultation with Dr. Ash Dark and let great things happen!


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