With a successful career comes a great deal of accounting, finance and tax responsibilities. As the net worth grows and your assets become more sophisticated, you may feel that all the tax burden is too overwhelming. Growing in your career warrants more expertise.

You’ve worked diligently for your career, to obtain these assets then this is critical that we protect them from excessive taxes and potential audit nightmares.

At DiTa we can help you take full advantages of the available deductions and provide valuable insights when estimating future tax liabilities. Meeting the tax deadlines and maintaining proper records is also made easier with a professional tax advisor.

Let us provide you some peace of mind during the growth process and focus on developing your career.


Starting A New Business

When forming a new business it's always wise to have a tax adviser in your corner. We can help you determine which type of business will provide you with more flexibility, tax advantages and efficiency in terms of record keeping. Knowing this information before registering with the state will help to optimize your tax returns during the early years of your business. 

At DiTa we’re very familiar with business and tax law, we can even help you with the necessary registration paperwork.



Are you earning money through Youtube, Sponsors from different companies or websites? Are you making prints and calendars, invited as a special guests to different conventions?

DiTa we’ll help you to maximize your net income by working with you on the most efficient business structure.



Do you have a Cannabis or Hemp Farm, a dispensary? Are you engaged in the business of trafficking controlled substances? Do you understand the Federal and State regulation difference and impact on your business?

Are you up to date with the Section 471? What about 280E? How are treating your tax deductions? What about the rules under 263A? Do you need help with your bank?

We have a clear knowledge of your issues and we’re here to work with you to keep you on track and efficient.


Makeup Artist

Offering professional makeup services and creation for magazines, photo shooting, cinematographic and makeup brands?

DiTa has the right level of expertise to help you to efficiently optimize your tax situation and build the most efficient structure for your successful Makeup career.



Are you Photo Model, Model for a brand or magazines, Are you on platforms such as Patreon, OnlyFans or Snapchat?

Let’s talk about your actual tax situation and how to structure your Modeling career from a tax point of view in order to optimize your finance and legacy.


Tattoo Artist

Are you an independent Tattoo Artists tattooing in a shop? Or do you own a Tattoo shop?

Let’s talk about your actual tax situation and how to structure your Tattoo business from a tax point of view in order to optimize your tax savings and legacy.


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