Do you have a Cannabis or Hemp Farm, a dispensary? Are you up to date with Section 471? How about the rules under 263A? Do you need help with your bank?

We have a clear knowledge of your issues and we’re here to work with you to keep you on track and efficient.


Producer of erotic movies and adult films production? Create erotic comics or stories? DiTa can help you to create the best legal structure and strategize your tax setup in order to make your Production company more successful.


Are you an adult entertainer working in night-clubs or strip-clubs, entertaining private parties, working as a phone sex operator or offering escort services? DiTa can help you to efficiently optimize your tax situation and plan the best long term plan for your savings.


Performing in adult movies or on PornHub, providing performances in PeepShow? DiTa is here to help you to efficiently optimize your today tax situation and build with you the best plan for after your performance career and ensure your long term legacy.



We at DiTa are proud to work with members of alternative communities, including Adult Entertainers, Exotic Dancers, Burlesque Performers, Kink retailers, Sex-positive professionals, Sex educators, Tattoo artists, Drag Queen performers, LGBTQ+ individuals.

DiTa is proudly based in Austin, TX. With satellite offices in Miami, FL and San Francisco, CA. Three of the hippest cities in the USA.


Are you a model, posing for magazines, using online platforms such on Patreon, Snapchat or OnlyFans? Let’s talk about your actual tax situation and how to structure your modeling career from a tax point of view in order to optimize your finance and legacy.

Earning money cosplaying, with sponsors or endorsements? Are you creating prints, photo books or calendars? Hosting your own booth? DiTa we’ll help you to maximize your net income by working with you on the most efficient business structure.


Offering professional makeup services for magazines, online videos, photo-shoots and makeup brands? Are you independent tattoo artists, running your own shop? DiTa has expertise to help you to efficiently optimize your tax situation.





Do you have a Cannabis or Hemp Farm, a dispensary? Are you engaged in the business of trafficking controlled substances? Do you understand the Federal and State regulation difference and impact on your business?

Are you up to date with the Section 471? What about 280E? How are treating your tax deductions? What about the rules under 263A? Do you need help with your bank?

We have a clear knowledge of your issues and we’re here to work with you to keep you on track and efficient.

When forming a new business it's always wise to have a tax adviser in your corner. We can help you determine which type of business will provide you with more flexibility, tax advantages and efficiency in terms of record keeping. Knowing this information before registering with the state will help to optimize your tax returns during the early years of your business.

At DiTa we'll answer your tax questions, guide you through the tax calendar year, help you to anticipate your tax compliance, drive you to avoid unnecessary tax burden and support you with all further needed tax registration. Don't pay a penny more than you have to! Save more money every year!

You’re actually selling your products and ready to expand in other states, what’s the impact on your tax compliance? Where do you need to register for a business licence? Do you need to incorporate in another state? Are you planning to have an office in another state? Are you employing workers in another state?


Your international expansion might occur by choice of opening offices abroad, hiring staff outside of the USA or by having customers abroad. In these situations it might create an international tax footprint for your company then becomes the need to take care of your international compliance.



An experienced and brilliant international tax expert. She blends her international expertise and corporate experience to provide clear and honest advice for long term success.

Dr. Cendrine Chappuis

CEO & Founder


For more than two decades, Gutierrez has played an instrumental role in the development and creation of experiences in the music, tech and video game industries.

Rey Gutierrez

VP of Creative & Board Member

Thriving on win-win scenarios. Building a points program for a dispensary in Montana to forming a company that helps small businesses grow, he finds the right people to make any idea a reality.

Jacob Voeller
Director Business Development



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